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Note: The Integrated Qualifications System Newsletter is intended to introduce the reader to new solutions in the practice of implementing the idea of Lifelong Learning - in this context, we would like to place particular emphasis on the use of qualifications systems. Accordingly, we plan to present publications, studies, reports, and innovative tools used in the process of building, implementing, and developing qualifications systems in Europe and beyond. We will also do our best to keep you informed about upcoming events related to Lifelong Learning - your involvement in this area would be appreciated. Let us know about any events that are interesting from your perspective - the news is worth spreading via this newsletter (contact us by email at


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Anna Pluskota Ph.D.

Małgorzata Pomorska

Andrzej Walczak - translator


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The newsletter is published under the second stage of the project “Operating and developing the Integrated Qualifications Register” as part of the EU Operational Programme Knowledge Education DevelopmentEducational Research Instituteul. Górczewska 8, 01-180 Warszawa tel.: +48 22 241 71 00