My Portfolio a tool to link the competences with the evidence

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 My Portfolio is a free web application developed by the experts of Educational Research Institute in Poland as part of a project supporting the implementation of the Integrated Qualifications System. It allows for creating online portfolios and plans for further development, and as such can be used as a tool that supports lifelong and lifewide learning.





Who are the users?

There are three categories of users of My Portfolio aplication (MP). The first group consists of learners - i.e. of those who want to collect their competences along with the supporting evidence and accomplishments. The second group are the guidance counsellors - using the in-built functionalities of the MP they are able to support the learner in creating the digital portfolio and suggest the next steps in developing competences. The third group are employers or recruiters - they can review the documents shared by learners in order to conduct the recruitment process. Additionally, the tool may also be used by the school or academic teachers to build up the understanding of lifelong and lifewide learning and help students develop a habit of collecting the evidence of their newly acquired competences.

How does it work?

The tool enables users to collect digital evidence of their competences in one place: pictures, documents, links, audio recordings, videos and more. The user decides where to start: with identifying the competences and then uploading the evidence or vice versa. The user may also choose whether to name the competences by him/herself or to use the predefined names of competences from the available list. It is possible to use multiple devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones or to upload and download the files directly from the cloud.

How to manage folders?

There are many types of folders in the MP. The user may create multiple thematic folders to store all his/her evidence linked with the competences. He/she may share the selected folders, for example with the guidance counsellor, the recruiter or with a friend. The indicated individuals will have access to the “shared with me” folder.

Additionally, when the user completes the questionnaire with the data on his/her education and work experience, he/she will be able to generate the skill-based CV on a selected template. It can be completed in stages at any time.

What are the benefits?

With the process of identifying, naming competences and linking them to the evidence, the learner gains a strong self awareness regarding his/her strengths and areas for development. He/she may plan - autonomously or with the support of the guidance counsellor - further development and accomplishing new educational or vocational goals. Within the Integrated Qualifications System (in Poland) he/she may use the MP as a way of providing the chosen awarding body with the basis for assessment. The application is free with no hidden costs, the user only needs to create an individual account.

What’s next?

The MP is still developed and upgraded. In the near future new functionalities for guidance counsellors will be launched: i.e. modules related to Skills Audit Method. Moreover, the English version will be available soon, and in view of the current situation - the Ukrainian and Russian versions will likely be added.


 How to use My Portfolio app - video tutorial





The Educational Research Institute (ERI) experts are currently collecting feedback on the on-line tools for validation. They will be happy to receive your comments on:

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Barbara Fijałkowska - Validation expert and TRANSVAL-EU project manager in Poland, Educational Research Institute