Important qualification from the medical industry in the IQS

Another market qualification has been included in the Integrated Qualifications System. "Training in communication with patients and their relatives and within the therapeutic team" - can be extremely important in shaping the relationships of the physicians and medical staff with patients and their families.

How important is mining? Have a look at the Sectoral Qualifications Framework (SQF) for this branch of the economy

The publication contains a description of the Sectoral Qualifications Framework for Mining Sector (SQFM), which was developed as part of the joint project of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Resource Management of AGH University of Science and Technology and JSW Szkolenie i Górnictwo Sp. z o.o.

Marek Kopyt Passed Away

marek kopytIt is with deep sadness and regret that we inform you that on 20 September our colleague and friend Marek Kopyt passed away. He was a long-term employee of the Educational Research Institute and the leader of two editions of the project "Operating and developing the Integrated Qualifications Register".

Five new qualifications included in the IQS

Five market qualifications have been included in the IQS: one related to management and administration, two more to the electronics industry, the next two to the agricultural industry.

Redesigned Integrated Qualifications Register Website Features New Look and Functionalities!

We are pleased to announce that the upgraded website of the Integrated Qualifications Register has just been launched.

Customer Relationship Management - New Qualification in the IQS

IQS has just expanded with another qualification. The qualification is designed for people who want to build contacts with customers in a modern way.

New qualification related to sales competence included in the IQS

Another market qualification - “Designing and conducting sales competence development training” - was included in the IQS by the Minister of Development, Labour and Technology.

WCAG-related qualifications included in the IQS

The Minister of Digitalization included five qualifications related to the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standard in the IQS. This standard consists of a set of rules concerning the accessibility of websites for people with disabilities and the elderly.

New market qualification in the IQS

Another market qualification was included in the Integrated Qualification System by the Ministry of Development, Labour and Technology.. The most recent addition is the “Implementing and Coordinating Business Processes (Lean Office)” qualification.