Consultations are underway for the draft of the SQR for cybersecurity

Picture showing a shield The draft Sector Qualifications Framework for Cybersecurity is now ready. You are welcome to participate in industry consultations, which will last until 20th August 2023.

Qualifications related to safety included in the IQS

Hand pressing the fire alarm buttonQualifications related to the design, installation and maintenance of fire protection systems have been included in the IQS.

Java Programming Qualification Included in the IQS

Woman looking at monitors. In the foreground, a mirror image of the source code screens.

Another qualification related to the IT industry has been included in the IQS. Interested individuals will be able to confirm skills in Java programming.

Furniture making qualification included in the IQS

Furniture making

Qualification related to furniture making has been included in the IQS. Interested individuals will have the opportunity to confirm their skills related to custom furniture assembly.

Baristas will find their qualification in the IQS

Preparing and serving coffee
Qualification related to the preparation of coffee beverages has been included in the IQS. This information is essential for all baristas.

Cybersecurity - work on the Sectoral Qualifications Framework has started

cyberbezpieczenstwo do tekstuWork on preparing the Sectoral Qualifications Framework (SQF) for the cybersecurity industry has begun The SQF is developed with the participation of the IBE.

3D printing training included in the IQS

196 Prowadzenie zajęć z modelowania skanowania i druku 3D 1355

"Teaching 3D modelling, scanning and printing" is a new qualification included in the IQS. The information may be of particular interest to those who are interested in 3D printing and want to advance in a field that is becoming increasingly important in the job market.

Mainframe system operation in the Integrated Qualification System

195 Zdalne monitorowanie konsoli oraz prowadzenie działań interwencyjnych w systemie Mainframe 1455Qualification related to mainframe system management has been included in the IQS. Soon all interested parties will be able to apply for a certificate confirming their experience, skills and knowledge related to this qualification.

Two volleyball qualifications included in the Integrated Qualification System!

193 Zarządzanie i przywództwo w piłce siatkowej 1355The next market qualifications related to volleyball have been added to the Integrated Qualification System. This time, the Ministry of Sports and Tourism has included two qualifications: "Management and leadership in volleyball" and "Optimisation of the volleyball training process".