Another qualification in the IQS

Woman during eyebrow styling

Qualification related to the “beauty” industry has been included in the Integrated Qualifications System.

ZeteRKa chatbot unlike any other

Screenshot of the qualifications register with ZeteRKa chatbotChatbot ZeteRKa is a new tool supporting users of the portal in browsing the Integrated Qualifications Register.

On the dynamics of the labour market - report from the Congress

Photo of a man - AICongress of Occupations, Qualifications, and Skills" - the event was dedicated to the development of the labour market and the changes occurring within.

Qualification related to photography included in the IQS

Woman standing in front of a photo exhibitionQualification related to organisation of photographic exhibitions has been included in the Integrated Qualifications System.

Essential qualification related to education included in the IQS

Group of students in a classroom"Conducting mediation in education" is a new and very important qualification that has just been included in the Integrated Qualifications System.

Qualifications related to investments, communication, and sales in the IQS

Compilation of three photos In the first one, a close-up of the hands of people who, during a formal meeting, are sharing notes and exchanging observations. In the next photo, a close-up of a laptop screen displaying an illustration of a shopping basket as a symbol of e-commerce. In the last photo, a diverse group of 6 people at a casual gathering, led by a person of African descent.Three more qualifications have been included in the IQS. The first one is related to investment matters in public administration, the second is associated with communication within a team, and the third deals with online commerce.

Three new qualifications in the IQS

Three photos showing windmills, a group of people, hands of an adult person and a childThree qualifications were included in the IQS: two by the Minister of Economic Development and Technology, one by the Minister of Health.

Golf qualifications in the IQS

Golf ball with clubs with a golf course in the backgroundThe Ministry of Sport and Tourism has included two golf-related qualifications in the Integrated Qualifications System.

Qualifications related to equestrianism and tourism in the IQS

Two photos, the first one showing a girl in equestrian attire riding a horse. In the second photo, a tourist with a backpack on a forest trail with an unfolded map.Two new qualifications related to equestrianism and tourism have been introduced into the Integrated Qualifications System.