Qualifications in wing foiling and IT included in the IQS

Two photos related to programming and water sports

Two qualifications have recently been included in the IQS: the first is related to wing foiling and the second to Python programming.

Nine Qualifications in the IQS

Four Illustrative Images for Four QualificationsRecently, as many as nine free-market have been included in the IQS. Three are related to the medical industry, four to the sports industry, and one to the chemical industry.

IQS – Not Only in Development and Technology

A human and robot hand, Educational Research InstituteWe have recently concluded the conference "On the Integrated Qualifications System – Not Only in the Context of Development and Technology."

One more qualification in the IQS

Photo of a modern housing estate by freepik.comThe free-market qualification related to utility consumption in real estate has been included in the IQS.

Discover "Microcredentials"

Hands on a laptop, title: microcredentialsFind out if "microcredentials" will be useful in your life. Will the project help develop skills?

Two more qualifications in the IQS

two pictures: on the left feet and hands on the right of a woman in front of a computerAnother two qualifications have been included into the IQS. One is related to reverse engineering, the other to the design of orthopaedic insoles.

IQR in the Service of Career Counselling

 Photo of Agnieszka Marszałek (leader of the IQR3 project)During the "Public Employment Services Worker’s Day", the IQR presented tools that can significantly help the labour market.

Another qualification in the IQS

Woman during eyebrow styling

Qualification related to the “beauty” industry has been included in the Integrated Qualifications System.

Six qualifications included in the IQS!

Four photos illustrating the four qualifications
Six new qualifications have been included in the Integrated Qualifications System encompassing education, technology and development, and digitization.