Marketing and beauty industry qualifications included in the IQS

collage of two images. In one, colleagues discussing work displayed on a computer screen. In the other, well-groomed hands and feetTwo new market qualifications have been added to the IQS by the Minister of Economic Development and Technology. The first is related to the trade and marketing industries, and the second is related to health and beauty. Soon it will be possible to apply for a certificate confirming skills, knowledge and experience related to the newly included qualifications.

Qualification related to the production of natural cosmetics included in the IQS

Composition of rose flower buds, leaves, and cosmetic packagingAnother market qualification has been added to the IQS. This time it is related to the beauty industry and the manufacture of cosmetics based on natural products. All those interested in working in this sector of economy will soon be able to obtain certificates confirming the knowledge, skills and competencies related to this qualification.

Qualification related to mediation included in the IQS

Two men shaking handsNew qualification has been added to the Integrated Qualifications System that can potentially relieve the courts by bringing about a settlement between the injured person and the person who committed a crime or misdemeanour. The qualification "Conducting mediation in criminal and misdemeanour cases" was included by the Minister of Justice.

Qualifications related to winter sports included in the IQS

Man riding a snowboardVery good news for winter sports fans. A total of five qualifications that will allow interested individuals to obtain certificates useful for conducting training in skiing and snowboarding have been included in the IQS.

Nordic walking in the Integrated Qualification System

Walking with poles - Nordic walkingThe inclusion of the qualification "Conducting Nordic walking classes" in the IQS should be of interest to all those who are interested in spending their time actively. Individuals wishing to instruct groups in Nordic walking will be able to confirm their skills by obtaining the appropriate certificate." The qualification was included by the Ministry of Sports and Tourism.

Are You Familiar with Image Building? This qualification could spark your interest

Group of people sitting at a table. Woman and man shake handsIndividuals wishing to confirm their knowledge and skills related to dealing with the image of companies with a certificate will find the qualification "Building the image of the employer (employer branding)" included in the IQS from now on.

Third online information meeting for awarding bodies - invitation

The Educational Research Institute invites you to online information meetings on validation and certification design and the role of awarding bodies in the IQS. Meetings are dedicated to representatives of entities that have obtained certification rights and those who are preparing for the role of an awarding body in the IQS (i.e. have submitted or intend to submit a relevant application in the IQR).

Online meeting: process of authorisation, duties and responsibilities of awarding bodies

The Educational Research Institute invites you to a meeting for companies and organizations interested in seeking authorisation to become awarding bodies within the Integrated Qualifications System (IQS). The next meeting - on March 23rd at 9:30-12:30 - will be primarily addressed to the representatives of the entities that have already received authorization to award qualifications and those who are preparing for the role of an awarding body within the IQS.

Important qualification from the medical industry in the IQS

Close-up of a doctor's hands, holding the patient's hand with supportAnother market qualification has been included in the Integrated Qualifications System. "Training in communication with patients and their relatives and within the therapeutic team" - can be extremely important in shaping the relationships of the physicians and medical staff with patients and their families.