Skiing and motor yacht steering in the IQS

Marina with yachts and skier on the slopeQualifications related to motorised water sports and skiing were included in the IQS by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism.

Teaching motor yacht steering

The holder of the qualification "Teaching motor yacht steering" is ready to independently plan, prepare, and conduct a series of lessons for teaching motor yacht steering, towing a water skier, or other floating objects used for sports or recreation. The holder of the qualification has the necessary knowledge and methodological preparation, as well as the technical skills allowing him/her to teach all the essentials required for motor yacht steering. Anticipates, resolves, and prevents common issues that arise during the course of lessons, such as obeying right-of-way rules or improper equipment use. The holder of the qualification is ready to take responsibility for the proper execution of the training process. Takes responsibility for the safety and health of the training participants and other users of the water area where the training process is carried out. Teaches movement along waterways that is safe, regulation-compliant, and follows the principles of good sailing practice. During the performance of professional tasks, he/she carries out educational and informational activities, promotes sailing ethics, and encourages physical activity through his/her own attitude.

Conducting off-piste skiing instruction

The holder of the qualification "Conducting off-piste skiing lessons" is prepared to independently plan and conduct off-piste skiing activities (skitouring, freeride, and freetour) in various terrains and diverse snow conditions. While conducting lessons in unusual, variable, and not fully predictable conditions, he/she is responsible for their quality and safety. Is prepared to provide partner assistance. His/her actions are based on knowledge regarding the legal aspects of practicing off-piste skiing (freeride, freetour, and skitouring). The individual holding the qualification demonstrates advanced skiing skills. Performs the actions with the use of high motor skills, extensive knowledge of equipment, and safety in the mountains in off-piste skiing areas.

Photos: Olga_spb, Freepik