Integrated Qualifications Register (IQR)

About the Integrated Qualification Register

The Integrated Qualifications Register (IQS) is a public register that collects information about all the qualifications included in the Integrated Qualifications System independently of other registers and catalogues created in Poland for the use of government departments, industry sectors, social groups and institutions. The Register was established based on the Act of 22 December 2015 on the Integrated Qualifications System and is one of the main components of the system. The IQR provides information on the specific requirements that should be met in order to obtain a qualification, and what institutions have the authority to award them. The register includes so-called full qualifications, i.e. those which are awarded exclusively in the general and higher education systems, as well as partial qualifications, comprising vocational education qualifications awarded on graduation, regulated, market and market qualifications in crafts. The IQR also serves as a liaison for institutions that cooperate within the framework of the IQS.

Thanks to the IQR you can:

- browse the qualifications included in the IQS and search for institutions that award the qualification - without registration in the IQR;
- apply for the inclusion of a market qualifications in the IQS;
- apply for authorisation to certify qualifications;
- apply for inclusion in the list of entities performing external quality assurance;
- keep track of the calendar of workshops and seminars dedicated to the IQR.

Under the Act on the Integrated Qualification System, the submission of all applications is done electronically, with the use of a qualified certificate or trusted profile in the Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services (ePUAP). In order to submit an appropriate application, it is necessary to create an account. During the process of registering an account as well as while submitting the appropriate application one is advised to use appropriate instructions.

The Integrated Qualifications Registry is maintained by the Education Research Institute.

More information regarding the IQR can be found in the following publications (Polish):
- Integrated Qualifications Register in Outline
- Integrated Qualifications Register in Practice

IQR API - allows you to view the IQR database in XML format.