Qualification related to sport climbing in the IQS!

172 Planowaniem i prowadzeniem zajęć ze wspinaczki sportowej freepik 1355This news will please all enthusiasts of sport climbing. A market qualification related to this field has been included in the IQS. From now on, those with skills, experience and knowledge in climbing will be able to obtain a certificate related to "Planning and conducting sport climbing classes."

More education-related qualifications included in the IQS

Women and men of various races holding traffic signsTwo market qualifications have been included into the IQS - the first relates to educating young people about road traffic safety, and the second is related to conducting educational tutoring.

Qualification for barbers included in the Integrated Qualification System

A barber providing a facial shaving service to a customer in a barber shopA new market qualification related to the hairdressing industry appeared in the IQS. Soon barbers will be able to confirm their knowledge, experience and skills with an appropriate certificate, which will undoubtedly translate into the quality of their work in the barbershop market.

Qualification related to automobiles and ecology included in IQS!

Mechanics performing electronic diagnostics on a car at a workshopMarket qualification related to the automotive industry, which has a considerable impact on our environment, has been included in the IQS. Demand for professionals who know how to repair electric and hybrid vehicles is likely to increase in the years to come, so it's worthwhile to take an interest in acquiring a certificate confirming knowledge, skills and experience in this vital field.

Market qualification related to digitization included in the IQS

A woman and two men working on computers at a shared desk in an office space

The Integrated Qualification System now includes a qualification for people involved in digitization processes in various organizations. Those who have experience, knowledge and skills in this area will soon be able to confirm them with the appropriate certificate, the possession of which will certainly help in the labour market.

Qualification related to environmental protection included in the IQS

A close-up view of a droplet falling from a plant above the surface of waterQualification related to wastewater treatment has been included in the IQS. Employees capable of servicing small wastewater treatment plants for less than 2000 PE will soon be able to validate their skills, knowledge and experience by earning a certificate.

Programming in C/C++ in the Integrated Qualification System

A team of male and female programmers discussing work on computer screens

The IT industry is one of the most popular in the job market today. Now, individuals with programming proficiency in C/C++ can validate their knowledge, skills, and experience by obtaining a certificate. The Minister of Digitization has included the market qualification "Programming in C/C++ language" in the Integrated Qualification System.

Qualification related to Internet marketing included in the IQS

A man looking at a monitor displaying marketing strategy dataThe Minister of Economic Development and Technology has included in the IQS a market qualification related to Internet marketing. This industry has been one of the most popular on the Polish labour market for several years. Now all those interested will be able to confirm their knowledge and skills in this field by obtaining the appropriate certificate.

Business, marketing and the construction industry qualifications in the IQS

Collage of 4 images depicting the business, construction, marketing, and robotics industriesThe Minister of Economic Development and Technology has included another four market qualifications in the IQS. This time the qualifications are related to as many as four industries: business, marketing, construction and robotics.