Redesigned Integrated Qualifications Register Website Features New Look and Functionalities!

We are pleased to announce that the upgraded website of the Integrated Qualifications Register has just been launched.

Customer Relationship Management - New Qualification in the IQS

IQS has just expanded with another qualification. The qualification is designed for people who want to build contacts with customers in a modern way.

Waste management related qualification included in the IQS

New market qualification - "Organizing on-site medical waste management" - was included in the IQS by The Minister of Health.

New qualification related to sales competence included in the IQS

Another market qualification - “Designing and conducting sales competence development training” - was included in the IQS by the Minister of Development, Labour and Technology.

WCAG-related qualifications included in the IQS

The Minister of Digitalization included five qualifications related to the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standard in the IQS. This standard consists of a set of rules concerning the accessibility of websites for people with disabilities and the elderly.

New market qualification in the IQS

Another market qualification was included in the Integrated Qualification System by the Ministry of Development, Labour and Technology.. The most recent addition is the “Implementing and Coordinating Business Processes (Lean Office)” qualification.

More cybersecurity qualifications in the IQS

Three more market qualifications have been included in the IQS. The Ministry of Digitization has included three qualifications related to cybersecurity.

Sectoral Qualifications Framework for the Automotive Sector now available

The automotive sector is one of the largest industrial sectors in Poland – it accounted for 11.5% of the value of industrial production in the economy in 2017. In recent years, investment outlays have increased in this industry – in 2017 they amounted to PLN 6.7 billion (13.76% of outlays in the industrial sector).This is particularly important in terms of the competences and qualifications sought, and means that suppliers and companies must meet a number of quality criteria required by large international corporations. The inclusion of the automotive sector in quality assurance systems raises specific expectations for personnel, their skills and scope of responsibilities, as the demand and supply of labour in Poland is strongly determined by the situation in the global market.

Qualifications registers in selected European Union countries - comparison

Work on modern qualifications systems has been conducted throughout the world for many years. From a technical point of view, qualifications registers are tools to support the qualifications systems of individual countries. On one hand, registers enable broad access to qualifications functioning in national education systems, on the other – they support the development of lifelong learning.