Qualification related to sport climbing in the IQS!

172 Planowaniem i prowadzeniem zajęć ze wspinaczki sportowej freepik 1355This news will please all enthusiasts of sport climbing. A market qualification related to this field has been included in the IQS. From now on, those with skills, experience and knowledge in climbing will be able to obtain a certificate related to "Planning and conducting sport climbing classes."

Planning and conducting sport climbing classes

The holder of the qualification is ready to independently plan, organise and conduct sport climbing classes on insured routes. He/she assists participants in the teaching/learning process by, among other things, providing guidance and correcting errors. The holder of the qualification based on the identified needs and capabilities of the participants, using knowledge in the field of teaching methodology and the theory of conducting sports classes, prepares a training plan and an outline of classes. In the course of the implemented activities, he/she improves the level of physical fitness, movement skills of participants and imparts knowledge on how to use the equipment safely. The undertaken activities are carried out using knowledge of safety on/in climbing facilities. The holder of the qualification freely moves around climbing objects and demonstrates the techniques taught.

Photo: Fxquadro - Freepik.com