Qualification for barbers included in the Integrated Qualification System

A barber providing a facial shaving service to a customer in a barber shopA new market qualification related to the hairdressing industry appeared in the IQS. Soon barbers will be able to confirm their knowledge, experience and skills with an appropriate certificate, which will undoubtedly translate into the quality of their work in the barbershop market.

Performing barber services

The holder of the qualification “Performing barber services“ is ready to perform barber services independently, including doing men's haircut and facial hair cutting and shaving, hair and facial hair care, reshaping and styling of haircut and facial hair. Applies knowledge of the services performed and the equipment used for this purpose. Actively communicates with the client of barbering services. Recognises the needs of the client, as well as the conditions for the performance of barbering services, including the selection of services according to the characteristics of the client's individual beauty, and products and preparations according to the structure, condition of the hair and facial hair of the client. While performing the services, he/she applies health and safety regulations and rules, including selecting the method of performing the service in view of potential bacterial, viral and parasitic hazards, performs decontamination of equipment and workstations and uses equipment for its intended purpose.

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