More education-related qualifications included in the IQS

Women and men of various races holding traffic signsTwo market qualifications have been included into the IQS - the first relates to educating young people about road traffic safety, and the second is related to conducting educational tutoring.

Educating children and young people on road traffic safety

The holder of the market qualification "Educating children and young people on road traffic safety" is prepared to conduct road traffic safety classes with children and adolescents and to develop among children and adolescents the skills, attitudes and behaviours necessary for safe participation in road traffic. He/she is familiar with road traffic safety regulations, including obtaining a bicycle driving license, traffic hazards and the behaviour of traffic participants, especially children and adolescents.

Conducting educational tutoring

The holder of the market qualification "Conducting educational tutoring", as a tutor, independently (in the sense of readiness to take responsibility, plan work, make decisions) organises the tutoring process, establishes relationships with the student and accompanies the student in the tutoring process. He/she conducts regular meetings with the students (tutorials). In his/her activities he/she uses knowledge of the theory of development and learning and uses elements of knowledge from psychology and pedagogy.