Qualifications related to tourism and snowboarding included in the IQS

Two photos: one shows a snowboarder on the slope, the other a man with a map and a compass

The Minister of Sports and Tourism has included another two market qualifications in the IQS. This time, the included qualifications are related to tour guides and snowboarding trainers.

Tourist Guidance

The holder of the qualification is prepared to independently guide tourists in the selected area, excluding mountain areas reserved exclusively for mountain guides. Prepares and implements the plan of the tour, including determining the route and schedule for visiting tourist attractions. Provides tourists with specialised information about the tourist attractions of the selected area, as well as organisational information to ensure the proper and safe implementation of the tourist trip. Is prepared to solve unexpected problems that may arise during its implementation. The holder of the qualification conducts guiding in individual cities, areas of voivodships, counties, municipalities and regions or tourist routes, excluding areas reserved for mountain guiding.

Conducting training in snowboarding

The holder of the qualification is prepared to independently organise and implement training units in snowboarding on the basis of the current training system, taking into account the guidelines of the training entity, within the framework of sports training. Assesses the level of athletes' sports skills and utilizes information about the athletes. Prepares a plan for the implementation of units using selected methods, forms and means. Organises and conducts the training unit, analyses his/her own professional activities to optimize the plan and implementation of the training unit. Uses communication and motivation tools. Performs the actions on the basis of knowledge of the theoretical considerations of planning and implementation of a snowboard training unit, and takes responsibility for the quality and safety of the implemented units and players. The holder of this qualification knows the ways to improve their competence.

Photos: wirestock, rawpixel.com - Freepik.com