Another qualification related to snowboarding included in the IQS

Man performing a jump on a snowboard

Another market qualification related to snowboarding was included in the Integrated Qualification System. Enthusiasts of winter sports will be able to apply for a certificate proving their knowledge, skills and experience in designing the training process in this sport.

Designing the training process in snowboarding

The holder of the qualification is prepared to independently plan, conduct and supervise the training process. Assesses the athletes' level of sports skills and incorporates insights about athletes provided by specialists from other disciplines. Develops a plan for implementing the training process using selected methods, forms, and means, including defining training objectives and identifying methods to achieve them. Organises and implements the training process, analyses the professional activities undertaken by him/her to optimise the plan and implementation of the training process. Is prepared to supervise the implementation of the training process, including the analysis and evaluation of his/her own work and that of the team of trainers. Manages the work of the training staff, including determining the standards of work and evaluating the quality of the activities carried out. Takes charge of his/her professional development, including expanding and keeping coaching skills up-to-date. Supports the development of the discipline by carrying out educational and promotional activities. Carries out the activities based on knowledge of the theoretical principles of planning, implementing, and supervising the snowboard training process The holder of the qualification is responsible for the quality and safety of the activities undertaken, including the actions of co-workers.

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