Qualification related to photography included in the IQS

Woman standing in front of a photo exhibitionQualification related to organisation of photographic exhibitions has been included in the Integrated Qualifications System.

Organising and staging photographic exhibitions

The holder of the qualification "Organising and staging photographic exhibitions" identifies the thematic scope of the exhibition and arranges the photographic display; he/she organises and coordinates the exhibition technically. The holder of the qualification identifies the thematic scope of the exhibition: searches for information about the authors, subject, and context of the works, compiles and prepares auxiliary materials needed for the implementation of the exhibition. He/she knows and applies basic types of arrangements in practice, designs a coherent and thematically closed layout of works (exhibits), consults the arrangement with the owner of the works, selects appropriate aesthetic backgrounds according to the theme, and adapts the arrangement to local conditions. Develops a schedule of activities, undertakes typical legal and administrative tasks, applies basic legal regulations related to copyright and civil law for making works available and their presentation, discusses the conditions for exhibiting works with their owner and prepares a contract with the owner of the works.

Photo: rawpixel.com