Essential qualification related to education included in the IQS

Group of students in a classroom"Conducting mediation in education" is a new and very important qualification that has just been included in the Integrated Qualifications System.

Conducting mediation in education

The holder of the market qualification "Conducting mediation in education" is prepared to independently plan and conduct the entire mediation process in education, including peer, school, and educational mediation; he/she is also capable of leading peer mediation clubs. Assesses the conflict situation, discusses it, and supports the parties in seeking solutions conducive to reconciliation. Communicates with the parties, taking into account their needs and emotions. Prepares students, parents, and teachers to understand and create relationships based on understanding, acceptance, and respect. Ensures accessibility for all members of the school community, including, if necessary, providing support from specialists according to the diverse developmental and educational needs of students and their parents. Explains and justifies the differences in peer, school, and educational mediations. Supports members of a given community (e.g., group, class, school) in building a positive atmosphere based on mutual acceptance and cooperation.