Qualifications related to investments, communication, and sales in the IQS

Compilation of three photos In the first one, a close-up of the hands of people who, during a formal meeting, are sharing notes and exchanging observations. In the next photo, a close-up of a laptop screen displaying an illustration of a shopping basket as a symbol of e-commerce. In the last photo, a diverse group of 6 people at a casual gathering, led by a person of African descent.Three more qualifications have been included in the IQS. The first one is related to investment matters in public administration, the second is associated with communication within a team, and the third deals with online commerce.

Managing the process of acquiring and servicing investors in public administration

The holder of the market qualification "Managing the process of acquiring and servicing investors in public administration" is prepared to independently plan, handle, and monitor activities related to acquiring and servicing investors. Uses knowledge in the field of the location and relocation of services and production, as well as their legal determinants. Conducts a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) for a given location, identifies investor needs, and tailors an appropriate investment offer. Communicates with investors and employs negotiation techniques during discussions. Organises visits for investors to potential investment locations and manages investment documentation. Monitors the needs of investors arising after the start of the investment. In performing his/her tasks, he/she uses tools of economic marketing. Is prepared to operate in unusual situations, under changing and unpredictable conditions.

Communication and intercultural management in a multicultural environment

The holder of the market qualification "Communication and intercultural management in a multicultural environment" communicates and oversees operations in a multicultural environment which includes planning team work in a multicultural environment, monitoring task implementation, managing motivation, intercultural communication, building a team in a multicultural environment, as well as preventing disruptions to the team's functioning as well as creating an inclusive work environment.

Conducting sales through electronic sales platforms

The holder of the market qualification "Conducting sales through electronic sales platforms" uses his/her knowledge and is prepared to independently carry out tasks in the area of sales using a selected electronic sales platform. Assesses the demand and supply for a product or service by determining the target market for proposed products, evaluating the business viability of introducing the product to the market using analytical tools. Discusses the process of stocking the store with goods, examines the characteristics of supplier markets, and describes the sales offer based on the selected electronic sales platform.

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