Three new qualifications in the IQS

Three photos showing windmills, a group of people, hands of an adult person and a childThree qualifications were included in the IQS: two by the Minister of Economic Development and Technology, one by the Minister of Health.

Facilitation - conducting group meetings

The holder of the market qualification "Facilitation - conducting group meetings" is ready to independently prepare and guide the group work process to facilitate the achievement of the set goal, previously defined with stakeholders. While conducting group meetings, he/she is focused on both achieving the group's goal and meeting the needs of the group members. In his/her work, he/she utilises his/her expertise in the field of group collaboration, models, methods, and facilitation techniques.

Assembly of wind turbines (WTG – Wind Turbine Generator)

The holder of the market qualification "Assembly of wind turbines (WTG – Wind Turbine Generator)" is prepared to perform assembly work on the wind turbine structure, more specifically connecting its individual components—tower sections, nacelle, hub, and turbine blades—as well as assembling internal equipment components. He/she prepares the workstation, checks the completeness and technical condition of the delivered components, as well as installation equipment and accessories (hangers, screws, etc.) needed for the task at the current assembly stage.

Diagnosing, planning, and conducting sensory integration therapy

The holder of the qualification is prepared to independently conduct sensory integration diagnosis. He/she plans and conducts sensory integration therapy. In his/her work, he/she uses standardised diagnostic tools. Complements the diagnostic process and selects additional tools, such as clinical trials designed to examine sensory integration processes, questionnaires, and sensory profiles. Develops a sensory integration therapy plan in accordance with diagnosed sensory integration deficits.

Photos: wirestock, drobotdean, freepik