Consultations are underway for the draft of the SQR for cybersecurity

Picture showing a shield The draft Sector Qualifications Framework for Cybersecurity is now ready. You are welcome to participate in industry consultations, which will last until 20th August 2023.

The draft of the Sectoral Qualifications Framework project for Cybersecurity includes descriptions of competencies specific to the cybersecurity industry, which are sought after by employers and important for its development. It has been divided into seven sectoral indicators assigned to the categories of knowledge (knows and understands...) and skills (can...). They include stages of the cybersecurity assurance process, namely identification, protection, detection, response, and recovery. Additionally, the team of experts has also identified cross-cutting indicators, such as cybersecurity auditing and cybersecurity fundamentals. The next three indicators have been assigned to social competencies (is ready to...) and they include: work standards, responsibility, as well as communication and collaboration. The aforementioned indicators have been further divided into specific clusters corresponding to individual processes crucial for cybersecurity, each of which contains competencies related to levels 3-8 of the Polish Qualifications Framework.

The aim of the industry consultations is a comprehensive verification of the assumptions adopted in the project concerning the adequacy of indicators, clusters, and the competencies that make them up, as well as their alignment with the unique characteristics of the sector. This results from the assumption that each sectoral framework is created by the industry for the industry. The consultations also aim to verify the terminology used, the clarity of the content, and the factual correctness.

We encourage all individuals professionally affiliated with the cybersecurity sector to complete the online consultation survey (in Polish).

Before filling out the survey, please review the following informational material: FAQ for IQS - SQR (Polish).

The consultations are ongoing until 20/08/2023.