More qualifications in the IQS

Photo showing wine bottles and people on horses
Qualifications related to equestrianism and wine selection have been included in the Integrated Qualifications System.

Selecting and serving wine

The holder of the qualification is ready for independent work in wine selection and service within the hospitality industry associated with winemaking. Uses theoretical knowledge in the field of wine production and types of wine. Arranges the wine card matching the existing menu. Communicates with industry suppliers and selects the goods necessary to achieve sales objectives. Ensures proper receipt, checks the delivery, and stores the wine. Prepares wine for service, following wine serving protocols and tasting methods. Advises guests on wine selection and serves it correctly. Can utilize their theoretical knowledge in winemaking in his/her interactions with guests. Applies the rules of etiquette in interactions with guests and colleagues.

Conducting recreational-level equestrian lessons

The holder of the qualification "Conducting recreational-level equestrian lessons" is prepared for independent planning, organising, conducting, and monitoring of equestrian activities. Uses methods and tools specific to equestrianism, adapting them to the ontogenetic development of students, the goals, and the progress of the lessons. Prepares lesson plans, selecting exercises based on the lesson's topic, the level of skills, and the age of the rider. Demonstrates equestrian skills by correctly performing show jumping and cross-country rides in accordance with safety principles. Demonstrates and explains exercises, teaching in accordance with safety and health principles, applying the principles of sports theory and methodology, as well as communication and motivation tools. [...]

Photos: DCStudio, ASphotofamily / Freepik