Customer Relationship Management - New Qualification in the IQS

IQS has just expanded with another qualification. The qualification is designed for people who want to build contacts with customers in a modern way.

A new qualification has just been added to the Integrated Qualification System. "Customer Relationship Management Using a CRM System" qualification was included in the IQS by the Minister of Development, Labour and Technology. It will serve anyone who wants to build customer relationships in a modern company.

CRM — what is it?

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a set of activities and tools that are extremely useful in managing customer relationships. The system is a special form of communication and helps to manage company's operations. CRM encompasses not only methods, but also software and taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet.

With knowledge of CRM, a company can respond even better to customer demand. It's also an ideal tool for building a marketing advantage.
CRM - a new market qualification in the IQS

The holder of the qualification "Customer Relationship Management Using a CRM System" can search for customer data based on defined criteria and carry out customer service process using a CRM system. He/she can adapt his/her activities to the objectives, type of product or service and unique needs of the client. He/she can also retrieve, verify, and process customer information that is necessary to increase sales effectiveness.

He/she is also able to independently plan operations, monitor and analyze the process flow in the CRM system and adjust the action plan to achieve the desired results. He/she can also secure and process personal data in accordance with the provisions of the law.

The holder of the qualification can work with people who implement the sales process: acquire sales leads, develop sales strategies, or supervise the sales process.