Third online information meeting for awarding bodies - invitation

The Educational Research Institute invites you to online information meetings on validation and certification design and the role of awarding bodies in the IQS. Meetings are dedicated to representatives of entities that have obtained certification rights and those who are preparing for the role of an awarding body in the IQS (i.e. have submitted or intend to submit a relevant application in the IQR).

The aim of the meetings is to provide practical guidance on how to prepare for awarding qualifications, including designing the validation from both the content and organizational perspective as well as to present other responsibilities and tasks for an awarding body.

Please join us for our next event on the topic: Validation Tools. The meeting will be held in an online format on April 06, 2022, at 9.30-12.30

The meeting will cover:

- the most commonly used validation methods and tools as well as their advantages and disadvantages,
- challenges in developing validation tools,
- good practices.

We invite all those responsible for the validation process and the development of validation tools at a given institution, but also those who are familiar with the solutions and organisational/financial/staffing capabilities of the organisation.

To attend the event, please register by April 04, 2022 at the link below:

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