Cybersecurity - work on the Sectoral Qualifications Framework has started

cyberbezpieczenstwo do tekstuWork on preparing the Sectoral Qualifications Framework (SQF) for the cybersecurity industry has begun The SQF is developed with the participation of the IBE.

 Cybersecurity is currently one of the most important sectors of both the Polish and the global economy. Accelerated by the pandemic, the digital revolution and the growing computerisation of all areas of society are not only introduce further conveniences into our everyday lives but also bring with them numerous new threats concerning online security. As labour market analyses show, sourcing cyber threat specialists is becoming an absolute priority for both business and the public sector. Moreover, given the growing number of potential threats occurring in cyberspace, their types and attack vectors, network security today is the responsibility not only of companies' IT departments, but also of other employees. Due to the increasing demand for cyber competencies, the Educational Research Institute has begun intensive work on preparing a sectoral qualification framework that will describe and organise the knowledge, skills and social competencies required of cyber security professionals.

Among the subject matter experts involved in developing the framework are specialists representing relevant areas of the industry, dealing with software security, organisational systems, personal data, as well as representatives from non-formal education and sectoral vocational education. Beata Ostrowska is the content manager of the team, the IBE methodological experts are responsible for the compliance of the framework's provisions with the Act on the IQS. The preliminary draft of the framework will undergo sectoral consultation. Work on the sector qualification framework for cybersecurity will last until mid-September 2023.

Photo: freepik