Two volleyball qualifications included in the Integrated Qualification System!

193 Zarządzanie i przywództwo w piłce siatkowej 1355The next market qualifications related to volleyball have been added to the Integrated Qualification System. This time, the Ministry of Sports and Tourism has included two qualifications: "Management and leadership in volleyball" and "Optimisation of the volleyball training process".

Management and leadership in volleyball

The holder of the qualification is prepared to independently manage a team, a club, a federation. He/she diagnoses the potential and plans the development of players and team support specialists, creates a game model and an environment conducive to achieving goals. Is ready to communicate in a group and making his/her case in interpersonal relations using current knowledge of the field. Manages change, including identifying problems and making decisions, using different types of thinking, e.g., rational, heuristic. Supports the development of volleyball and independently plans his/her own lifelong learning.

Optimisation of the training process in volleyball

The holder of the qualification is prepared to independently design and implement his/her original training concept based on the knowledge not only of volleyball, but also of task team management. Assesses the readiness of players to participate in the training process as well as manages and evaluates the training process. Is ready to use new technologies in monitoring players' activities and modifying training plans in response to changing conditions. In his/her activities he/she applies his/her knowledge of interpersonal communication, management, leadership, team building and team development. Due to the complex and unusual problems he/she solves, he/she is prepared to constantly update and expand his/her knowledge and independently organise his/her own professional development in the sports.

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