Sport qualifications included in the Integrated Qualifications System

Four photos show sports: basketball, handball, canoeing and sports training for pregnant athletes

The Ministry of Sports and Tourism has included four qualifications in the IQS. The included market qualifications are related to handball, canoeing, basketball and sports for pregnant and postpartum women.

Planning and conducting the training process in handball

The holder of the qualification "Planning and conducting the training process in handball" is prepared to independently manage a handball team, up to and including the First League. Determines training objectives, develops short- and long-term individual and team organisational-training plans, and establishes game strategy. Teaches complex motor skills with a high degree of technical difficulty (taking into account specific needs and abilities of the athletes), assesses the effects of implemented professional actions, collaborates with the training group's environment, and develops his/her own professional competencies.

Conducting basketball classes as part of Sport for All Program

The holder of the qualification is ready to independently implement classes with children and adolescents, as well as adult amateurs, including seniors, in basketball, and to organise and conduct sports events, including amateur tournaments and competitions. Plans, organises, conducts and monitors basketball activities in accordance with the principles of sports theory and methodology. Uses knowledge of the development of the participants' sporting talents.

Conducting kayaking trips

The holder of the qualification is prepared to independently organise and conduct kayaking trips on lowland and mountainous routes with a difficulty level up to WW1. Has knowledge regarding the selection and maintenance of kayak equipment, gear, as well as phenomena occurring in natural water bodies and their impact on kayaking safety. Has the skill of proficiently operating a kayak in relatively uncomplicated hydrological conditions (lowland routes and the easiest mountain routes). Is capable of manoeuvring a kayak on both still and flowing water, including wild rivers. Is prepared to plan and lead a kayaking trip, including conducting a pre-launch briefing, warm-up exercises and instruction, as well as monitoring participants' behaviour during the trip. Can coordinate the work of a small team of designated members in a kayaking group. The holder of the qualification is responsible for himself/herself and the group on the water. Is prepared to respond to hazards occurring during the trip.

Conducting sports training processes for female athletes during pregnancy and after childbirth

The holder of the qualification "Conducting sports training processes for female athletes during pregnancy and after childbirth" independently plans, organises, conducts, monitors and evaluates the training process in a given form of sport for a female athlete who is pregnant, postpartum, or in the lactation period. In the implementation of the training process, he/she keeps in mind the necessity to provide optimal conditions for the proper course of pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum or lactation period while maintaining or achieving the highest possible athletic performance. Analyses and evaluates the validity of the methods, forms and means used in a given sport in the context of the specific needs and capabilities of a woman during the perinatal period. Modifies the training plan and process taking into account physiological, hormonal, biomechanical, psychological, and other changes specific to pregnancy, postpartum, or lactation. Recognises and resolves issues that arise during the implementation of the training process, such as those stemming from pregnancy-related or postpartum discomforts, or organizational and hygiene-related problems linked to childcare. Promotes the training process for female athletes during pregnancy and after childbirth, by providing information about its implementation and challenging commonly held myths associated with it.

Photos: Pixabay- JeppeSmedNielsen, Freepik -, viarprodesign, senivpetro