Qualification related to automobiles and ecology included in IQS!

Mechanics performing electronic diagnostics on a car at a workshopMarket qualification related to the automotive industry, which has a considerable impact on our environment, has been included in the IQS. Demand for professionals who know how to repair electric and hybrid vehicles is likely to increase in the years to come, so it's worthwhile to take an interest in acquiring a certificate confirming knowledge, skills and experience in this vital field.

Diagnosing and repairing electric and hybrid vehicles

The holder of the qualification "Diagnosing and repairing electric and hybrid vehicles" is prepared to independently perform diagnostic work and repair electric and hybrid vehicles in automotive workshops. Diagnoses and repairs defects that do not require the manufacturer's intervention - in accordance with the procedures indicated by the manufacturer. Has knowledge of electric and hybrid vehicle construction and their charging systems from external sources. Uses tools and equipment to carry out the assigned work. Applies the principles of ergonomics and special rules for the operation and repair work of electric and hybrid vehicles related to module replacement. Is ready to take responsibility for the assigned tasks. In the course of his/her activities, he/she observes the regulations of occupational safety and health, fire protection and environmental protection.

Photo: Dragen Zigic - Freepik.com