Market qualification related to digitization included in the IQS

A woman and two men working on computers at a shared desk in an office space

The Integrated Qualification System now includes a qualification for people involved in digitization processes in various organizations. Those who have experience, knowledge and skills in this area will soon be able to confirm them with the appropriate certificate, the possession of which will certainly help in the labour market.

Implementation of digital technologies in the process of organizational management

The holder of the qualification "Implementation of digital technologies in the process of organizational management" independently, based on the collected data, identifies the strategic objectives of the organization; using business analysis tools (e.g. process map), establishes the needs of the digitization process, and sets the parameters of the project, such as the budget of the project, technological (technical) solutions, the schedule of individual tasks along with the milestones according to which the initial assumptions of the project should be verified. Obtains approval from the authority to which he/she is accountable to begin work on digital transformation. Identifies stakeholders and their potential impact on project implementation.

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