Qualification related to Internet marketing included in the IQS

A man looking at a monitor displaying marketing strategy dataThe Minister of Economic Development and Technology has included in the IQS a market qualification related to Internet marketing. This industry has been one of the most popular on the Polish labour market for several years. Now all those interested will be able to confirm their knowledge and skills in this field by obtaining the appropriate certificate.

Planning an internet marketing automation campaign

The holder of the qualification "Planning an internet marketing automation campaign" is ready to independently perform tasks in the field of internet marketing automation. He/she independently organises his/her workplace and accepts responsibility for the tasks undertaken. He/she can act as an independent specialist or as a member of an internet marketing automation team. The holder of the qualification certificate identifies the goals and opportunities of an enterprise's internet marketing, identifies and characterises the target audience of an internet marketing campaign, and prepares a plan for an automated internet marketing campaign. He/she creates process diagrams and lists of instructions for "marketing automation" systems, prepares guidelines for online marketing messages, e.g. for a graphic designer. He/she independently creates online marketing message carriers, e.g. landing page, newsletter templates. He/she oversees the implementation of internet marketing automation tools. He/she monitors the effectiveness of the implemented internet marketing campaign, tests it and optimises it.

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