Qualification related to environmental protection included in the IQS

A close-up view of a droplet falling from a plant above the surface of waterQualification related to wastewater treatment has been included in the IQS. Employees capable of servicing small wastewater treatment plants for less than 2000 PE will soon be able to validate their skills, knowledge and experience by earning a certificate.

Servicing of small wastewater treatment plants for less than 2000 PE

The holder of the qualification "Servicing small wastewater treatment plants for less than 2,000 p.e." is prepared to assess the operation and technical condition of small wastewater treatment plants. Applies knowledge of technologies used in small-scale treatment plants. Independently determines the location of treatment plant components within the site. Performs tests and measurements, interprets their results as well as laboratory test results. Performs diagnostics and repairs and maintenance of treatment plant components. As part of his/her professional tasks, he/she prepares and completes documentation related to the operation of the treatment plant. Performs his/her tasks in compliance with health and safety regulations.

Photo: rwapixel.com