Qualification related to the production of natural cosmetics included in the IQS

Composition of rose flower buds, leaves, and cosmetic packagingAnother market qualification has been added to the IQS. This time it is related to the beauty industry and the manufacture of cosmetics based on natural products. All those interested in working in this sector of economy will soon be able to obtain certificates confirming the knowledge, skills and competencies related to this qualification.

Designing the production process of cosmetic products using natural raw materials or materials of natural origin

The holder of this market qualification modifies cosmetic product formulations to achieve the desired properties of the products and to bring them into compliance with the requirements that cosmetic products must meet in order to be certified as natural cosmetic products. Based on the formula, he/she develops the production technology, including, but not limited to, selecting raw materials, additives and auxiliary materials, selecting equipment, planning unit processes and operations, and determining the parameters of the technological process and quality requirements for the raw materials used.

Photo: freepik