Nordic walking in the Integrated Qualification System

Walking with poles - Nordic walkingThe inclusion of the qualification "Conducting Nordic walking classes" in the IQS should be of interest to all those who are interested in spending their time actively. Individuals wishing to instruct groups in Nordic walking will be able to confirm their skills by obtaining the appropriate certificate." The qualification was included by the Ministry of Sports and Tourism.

Conducting Nordic walking classes

The holder of the qualification "Conducting Nordic walking classes" is ready to independently conduct Nordic walking classes. Conducts group or individual classes, focused on various goals such as integration, prevention, or body shaping. Plans, organises, conducts and monitors activities in accordance with the principles of sports theory and methodology. Creates lesson outlines, adapting them to the objectives, needs, skills and abilities of the participants. Presents a level of physical fitness that allows her to demonstrate Nordic walking technique and exercises specific to this form of movement. Takes responsibility for the safe implementation of the activities. Independently solves typical problems that arise in the course of classes, resulting, for example, from the diversity of participants' goals and needs, as well as the varying levels of their technical skills and physical fitness. Anticipates the effects of the tasks carried out. Takes responsibility for the safety and health of participants. Promotes physical activity through his/her own attitude and by conducting educational and informational activities.

Photo: freepik