Qualifications Registers in selected European Union countries

Rejestry okladka cien 1This publication is the result of the cooperation of institutions responsible for maintaining and developing databases or registers of qualifications in selected European countries and presents selected databases or qualifications registers that currently exist in Austria, Croatia, France, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia and Scotland. 

Work on modern qualifications systems has been conducted throughout the world for many years. From a technical point of view, qualifications registers are tools to support the qualifications systems of individual countries. On one hand, registers enable broad access to qualifications functioning in national education systems, on the other – they support the development of lifelong learning. 

The effective modernization of education systems – including the modernization of the systemic conditions of learning – should meet today's challenges and create responsive solutions. Current social and economic challenges are the result, among others, of the increasing pace of change, especially relating to the development of new technologies. Keeping up with these changes while maintaining the transparency of an education system is one of the tasks facing qualifications registers.

The publication can be found on the Integrated Qualifications System website at the link below:

Qualifications Registers in selected European Union Countries