Sectoral Qualifications Framework for the Automotive Sector now available

The automotive sector is one of the largest industrial sectors in Poland – it accounted for 11.5% of the value of industrial production in the economy in 2017. In recent years, investment outlays have increased in this industry – in 2017 they amounted to PLN 6.7 billion (13.76% of outlays in the industrial sector).This is particularly important in terms of the competences and qualifications sought, and means that suppliers and companies must meet a number of quality criteria required by large international corporations. The inclusion of the automotive sector in quality assurance systems raises specific expectations for personnel, their skills and scope of responsibilities, as the demand and supply of labour in Poland is strongly determined by the situation in the global market.

The diversity of the automotive sector, its continuous development and the emergence of such branches as electric vehicles result in a demand for employees with many new competences, which are worth bringing together and describing with the help of a Sectoral Qualifications Framework (SQF) for the Automotive Sector. An SQF identifies the key competences for the automotive sector, indicating, through sector-specific determinants, the most important areas of activity. It is a tool for systematising
existing competences – i.e. the qualifications awarded in the sector – as well as better adapting them to the needs of employers. SQF Auto is also intended
to respond to the current expectations of employers and support the process of designing development programmes responding to labour market needs.

To date, SQFs have been developed for the following sectors: banking, IT, sport, tourism, telecommunications, construction, development services, fashion industry, trade, public health, agriculture, the chemical industry and the automotive sector.

PDF version of "Sectoral Qualifications Framework for the Automotive Sector (SQF Auto)" can be downloaded from our Publications section.