How to become an awarding body?

An awarding body is an entity with the authority to award selected qualifications included in the IQS, that is, to issue documents (e.g. certificates) confirming awarding of qualifications.

The issuance of the certificate is the culmination of the process of checking the knowledge and skills of an applicant for a given qualification. The awarding body is also responsible for the organization of the process. This process is referred to as validation.

What entities can become an awarding body?

Any legal entity conducting business activities may become an awarding body if it meets organisational and staffing requirements for validation to be carried out in accordance with the requirements set out in the qualification description and has no tax arrears.

What does getting the authority look like?

Interested parties apply for awarding of a given market qualification via the Integrated Qualifications Register portal using the relevant form.

The completed application contains the entity's data and a declaration of no arrears on taxes and contributions. Along with the application, a fee of PLN 10,000 is required.

For entities that have applied for an authority to award a given qualification concurrently with the application for inclusion of the qualification in the IQS, the fee of PLN 5000 is required (the fee is paid after the announcement of inclusion of the qualification in the IQS).

The application submitted is subject to a formal assessment carried out by the registry operator. The formally correct application is sent to the Minister in charge of the qualification concerned. If the assessment of the application is positive, the Minister grants the authority to award a certain qualification by an administrative decision.

Following the decision to grant the awarding authority, the Minister has yet to sign an agreement with an external quality assurance entity (EQAE), which will monitor the awarding body and conduct its external evaluation. Only after the conclusion of this agreement can the certifying authority begin validating candidates and issuing certificates.