ESCO mapping pilot project - summary, conclusions, perspectives

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Poland has received an invitation from the European Commission to participate in the third, currently being launched phase of a pilot project aimed at linking the learning outcomes of qualifications with ESCO skills. We spoke with Leopold Będkowski (IBE), a member of the working group on ESCO, on the lessons learned from the previous pilots and the difficulties and challenges before the next phase of the project

Interview with Leopold Będkowski, Expert in Data Science at the Educational Research Institute, Warsaw




Sectoral Qualification Frameworks - European Experiences

success gfa7c07ce3 1280 STRATEGYThe National Qualifications Framework (NQF) allows for comparison of qualifications awarded within an industry or between industries, and, by reference to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), also with their equivalents awarded in other European countries. Both the European framework and the national frameworks can be expanded to take into account the distinctive features of a particular economic sector. This is exactly the role of Sectoral Qualifications Frameworks. There are already 16 SQF projects in Poland. In this article, we will have a look at similar initiatives from other countries as well as similar transnational projects*.

The Integrated Qualifications Register - an instrument to facilitate lifelong learning

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Demographic trends, labour market needs, and increasing length of working life make lifelong learning a necessity. Lifelong learning is one of the most important factors for success, keeping up with changes in the labour market and reducing skill gaps. A special role in the practical implementation of the idea of lifelong learning and increasing human capital in Poland is played by the integration of the qualifications system with its fundamental tool - the Integrated Qualifications Register (IQR). One of the purposes of the IQR is to facilitate access to information to a wide audience, to become a useful tool for all interested parties. This article outlines the basic functionality of the IQR.


Micro-credentials - a simple remedy for complex problems

odznaka plusMicro-credentials, a digital form of certificates, allow you to quickly, and in a modern way, show what you can do, what competencies or skills you have, or, instantly, present a whole portfolio, which will attract the attention of employers. The following article by Michał Nowakowski, an expert and one of the leaders of the Integrated Qualification System project in Poland, presents what micro-credentials are, what needs they meet, and what the work on implementing the idea of micro-credentials looks like.

IQR Leader Mark Kopyt passed away this fall

marek kopytIt is with deep sadness and regret that we inform you that on 20 September 2021 our colleague and friend Marek Kopyt passed away. He was a long-term employee of the Educational Research Institute and the leader of two editions of the project "Operating and developing the Integrated Qualifications Register".

He will remain in our memory as an extraordinary man, gifted with a great sense of humor and many talents, energetic and ready to draw from life to the fullest, a lover of wine, good books and music, popularizer of information technology, brave, creative and charismatic leader, great companion, but above all, a very good and sensitive person.

Integrated Qualifications System − an opportunity for occupational activation of people with intellectual disabilities

istockphoto 1271383462 612x612People with disabilities often have little opportunity to find work. One idea on how to change this is from a local Polish association “Siedlisko”, which with the support of experts from the Educational Research Institute (IBE), and based on its own experience in the field of occupational activation of people with disabilities, has created five qualifications with intellectually disabled people in mind.

Catalogue of Validation Methods - a tool to support validation process

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Polish experts from the Educational Research Institute (IBE), as part of a project supporting the implementation of the Integrated Qualifications System, developed the concept of an online tool that helps in the accurate selection of methods for the validation of learning outcomes. The Catalogue has recently become available to users in English.